New Zealand | 2nd Trip

Kia ora!

I guess you think "wait a minute, wasn't he in New Zealand not even a year ago?". Correct, I was. And I did it again. And I would do it again and again and again. Why you might ask - simple! Because in my opinion it is the most beautiful country with the most stunning nature on this planet and there is no better way to forget about our way-too-busy-and-too-stressful lives than in New Zealand. If you want to reconnect with nature and remind yourself about how beautiful this planet is - this is the place to go.

The facts

  • 28 nights (waaaaaaaaay too short)
  • 2 islands
  • 11 airbnbs, 1 hotel, 1 motel
  • 1 waterfall climbed
  • 1 Nevis Swing swinged
  • lots of good food
  • 4,500km driven burning through a whopping 450l of petrol
  • thousands of photos taken

Here are some highlights.