100 miles Berlin | The Berlin Wall Race

The 100 mile race in Berlin has become quite iconic over the years. The track follows the path where once the wall stood and the runners get to experience bits of history here and there. Every year about 1300 brave women and men accept the challenge, some running the entire distance and others sharing it in either a 2,4 or 10+ relay. The fastest runner to date completed the ultra run in a little over 13h while the cutoff is 30h. Amazingly, most actually finish the race with only very few having to give up. Also every year, a person important to the history of the wall will be honored, making sure history won’t be lost. This year it was Dieter Wohlfahrt, a West Berlin citizen who was shot trying to help east Berliners escape. I was asked to photograph the race by the event organizers and happily accepted. This was my first race ever to photograph and it came with a steep learning curve. It was very impressive to witness the will and motivation the runners put forward and watching them cross the finish line made me a bit emotional, I have to admit. I already look forward to next year’s instalment. Let me invite you to enjoy a few highlights below.