Stefan de Lange

Stefan de Lange about image

This is me, Stefan ( ˈʃtɛfan ).
I grew up in rural Germany where my passion for photography started with landscapes, because *rural* you know ;).
After finishing school I was keen to to explore places where you don't know the entire village and moved around a little eventually ending up in London in 2015.
It was in London that I discovered the world of fashion. New to the citiy, I took to meetup and was super lucky to find London Photography Social (meetup group). Through that group I connected with a lot of fantastic photographers and models and befriended the one and only Andrew (ilusphotography). I can certainly say that those have been the best 3 years of photography so far with a really steep learning curve.

I have since moved to Berlin where I continue to pursue my passion for fashion photography but have also started to explore event photography.

You also need to know that I love Indian food, binge watching binge worthy series, traveling and going to the cinema.